M.C. Simon


Behold, eons ago, when the emanated existence
Was exhaled by the everlasting nothingness,
Ages behind, when nonexistence cast the die
The blankness void emerging materialness
The lone One that, from emptiness, originated
The skies, the worlds, all that was ever created
Dared the Soul leaving behind the sublime union
Lastly sensing it over the cruel taste of separation.

“Go forth,” Almighty said,
Contemplating the divided Soul
Break the unbreakable
Forget the unforgettable
Search the unsearchable
Reach the unreachable
Love the unlovable
Cure the incurable
Conceive the invisible
Unlock the lock
Open the unopened
Believe the unbelievable
Find the unfindable
Touch the untouchable
Match the unmatchable

Merge the only Twins that can ever merge.
Awakened return to Me
Exhaling the essence of
“What Love is.”

~ M.C. Simon

Twin Flames

Note from the Author

What is Love?

Can finding the answer to this question, be the meaning of our lives?

The words from my first poem above, are dedicated to my other half who I’ve finally met, and to all the other half-souls who have incarnated on this planet Here and Now.

Some of them have reunited already, and others still looking…

The poem does not intend to give you any answer.

Rather, the poem talks to you about the beginning of the Journey of Your Soul… Beresheet.

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  1. WOW! (a long pause to collect some thoughts)

    When I read “Go forth” it said to me “EGO GO FORTH ‘THRO’ THE SPIRIT AND DO ALL THAT I SHOW YOU”

    Now let me explain.

    I saw the letter E in front of ‘go’ as E in English is connected to Hey in Hebrew and that is the physical form Creator has chosen to act as a conduit to bring the light that allows us to inhale, and exhale love, and to discover and do all that you spoke of in your poem.

    Four of the letters in forth spell, ‘thro’ which is a contraction of through.

    Add to this that Dalet is the forth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and we are told that this letter represents a door (an opening) and is in a continually state of lack and would always be connected to Gimmel, the third letter, which is said to be a rich man running after a poor man – Dalet (an opening).

    The f in forth is connected to the letter vav and means spiritual connection and is in the form of a peg, a vertical line, symbolizing the connection of the upper to the lower.


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