Freedom to Connect
Freedom to Connect

Today, for the first time, I am grateful to the internet inventors and its developers.

I never realized until now, what a huge treasure has been given to me. I never realized until now that my heart will feel so much happiness from the freedom to connect through this thing called the internet.

I always considered it as something normal and I took it for granted.

But today, for the first time, I am grateful for having the internet in my life.

Maybe you are asking why am I suddenly so grateful and why now. Well… let me explain…

Being that it was necessary for me to go see a doctor to get a complete checkup and analyses; they decided to put me in a hospital where they can completely check the condition of my health.

This is my second time being in a hospital. I was there once before, exactly 28 years ago. I remember that time; it felt as though I was far away from the world… with no one to visit because I was in quarantine.

This time it’s so different…

I am here laying down in a hospital bed, but not alone. Not this time.

Because meanwhile; someone has developed the internet connection to such an extent, that all of the world can now came in my hospital room with me.

And what counts most for me… is the man that I love, the only one for me, my twin flame is near me all of the time. Not only with his heart and soul, but with his beautiful eyes and his gorgeous smile also, while his tender voice is embracing all my senses. This man who makes my heart race only thinking of him… is here… with me.

And all this is possible because… not too long ago… someone invented this thing called the internet.

I am grateful today!

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