Does money make you rich?

There are people who have money. And there are people who are rich.

Rich people are happy. But… are those who have money also happy?

I am thinking today about happiness, desires and money.

We used to think that we could be happy fulfilling our desires if we had money.


Is it truly so?

Go deep into your past and see… what happened… what you had and what you didn’t… what you wished and what not…

Tell me please… is money the thing that brought you happiness?

Go deep into your past and come back into the Now.

Is money indeed so important for the fulfillment of our desires?

What is a desire and what does it mean to fulfill it?

I am wondering… is the man from the video below rich or poor? And what makes him happy?

There are people who have money. And there are people who are rich.

What makes you really happy?

Meet The Richest Man – Visually Impaired Street Samosa Seller

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