Do Yourself a Favor and Use a Chi Ball

While being human beings, our minds raise up many questions at any specific earthen point in time.

One of the favorite questions a person can have is “Why?”

We can apply the “why” question to any subject and situation.

Therefore… why not apply it to our theme today?

Why use a Chi Ball?

My humble request in last week’s Weekly Thought (Create a Habit of Making A Wish) was to allow me to answer this question this week.

Well… if you’ve read my request in last week’s Weekly Thought, have you by chance given it any thought as to the reason for using a Chi Ball? I would love to know your insight.

Now, let me try to answer to the “Why” question.

Without entering into more details now, the shortest answer that I can give you is that we are using a Chi Ball to protect ourselves from our perceptions and thoughts which can interfere and add their own power that often becomes an obstacle in our way.

In case that you’re wondering what kind of wish to put inside your Chi Ball… I will tell you, add whatever wishes your heart desires.

Are you asking yourself if you can wish to win the lottery? Well… I will tell that yes, you can fill the ball with this also… If and When… your heart feels that the proper moment has come for you to fulfill such a wish.

Don’t worry IF you think a wish is good or not. All you have to do is listen to your heart. It will tell you instantly if you should continue or not.

Try it!

Your heart will never be wrong.

The Chi Ball is that special place where your wish receives a huge power… far from your human mind that is influenced by so many beliefs that our environment has implemented inside it.

Do yourself a favor, put your wish in a Chi Ball and recall it when your heart tells you that it’s the perfect moment for the wish to come true.

If you have already mastered the art of forming and using a Chi Ball, do not forget to create a habit of making a wish!

In case that you haven’t yet accessed the knowledge that allows you to use this powerful tool, do yourself another favor and read my next book. The technique will be revealed to you in its pages. If you read these words, it means that you know how to be in touch with me; therefore you will receive all the necessary details about the book’s publication date when it is ready.

Do you believe in coincidences? I don’t.

“Coincidences are God’s way to remain anonymous.” TWEET THIS

Therefore, let’s pretend that we didn’t figure out Who’s behind all the things and events and… let’s start to use the powerful tools that we always had in our hands but maybe we forgotten about. Maybe now, the Highest Almighty Anonymous decided that we are ready to remember.

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  1. Great art…icle MC! “I see (ic) God” or EL (le)… behINd everythINg!

    It was interesting, I have read your book a couple of times and many of your articles, but this time something hit me at a deeper level. Not sure what it was fully… will ponder more on this.

    Here is a resource that came to me, that you may or may not have and is really inline with your frequency.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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