How Defining Spirituality turned into a Meaningful Volcano

defining spirituality

Someone asked me some time ago to define Spirituality. Hearing this request, my huge Ego instantly turned to tell myself, “Wow! You can say a lot here! You are the best at talking about this subject.”

Being so pleased by what my internal ears heard from my Ego, I opened a new Word document, and my hand grabbed the keyboard attending to type out the answer.

I was about to start writing when… I suddenly started to stare at the blank screen. A huge writer’s block hit my immaculate brain at that moment.

Silence. More silence. Inside and outside.

Time passing by… here and there… in all directions…

Nothing… the perfect nothing came out.

And… suddenly… the mind erupted into a questioning volcano.

  • Is there anything else more difficult, subjective and relative then trying to define spirituality?

  • Can you define something that you haven’t attained yet?

  • Moreover, if you attained it, is there any reason to define it? Why would you do it?

  • Is a definition needed by those who have also reached that state on the spiritual ladder and already know what it’s all about?

  • Also, will those who need a definition ever understand it if the only understanding they have is from what they themselves have attained?

  • Would we again have a vicious circle here?

  • Can we measure spirituality? Can we ever measure with human power something that is limitless, shapeless, and never-ending?

  • Moreover, can the mind escape from the trap of the human body that adds boundaries to our perception?

The only thing my brain could write at that moment was a huge “Thank you” to the person who asked the question. It caused a wondering state of mind and… each time when I wonder about something, I come closer and closer to the meaning of my life.

I am still digging – in my attempt to find the answer.

What about you?

Have you already found the Meaning of Your Life?

meaning of you life

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