These are the answers to the Character Questionnaire.

Within each question the first answer (1) is for the main character while in a human body and the second answer (2) is for the main character while in the Arcturian dimension.

  1. How tall are they?
    1. on Earth: the height of a 12 years old girl
    2. on Arcturian dimension: 8′ 1″
  2. What is their body shape?
    1. human
    2. humanoid
  3. Do they have any disabilities or physical differences?
    1. on Earth: normal girl, blonde hair
    2. on Arcturian dimension: tall, white-blue skin, blue-grey long hair
  4. What year were they born?
    1. not mentioned
  5. How old are they?
    1. on Earth: 12 years old
    2. on Arcturian dimension: looks like 25 years old but their ages are not the same as on 3rd dimension
  6. Where do they live?
    1. not decided yet
  7. Are they rich, middle class or poor?
    1. middle class
  8. Did they grow up rich, middle class or poor?
    1. middle class
  9. Where did they grow up?
    1. she’s still a child on Earth
    2. her origins are on Arcturus; she was sent to Earth with a mission
  10. What did the people who raised them do for jobs?
    1. not important in this moment
  11. How successful were those people at their jobs?
  12. What is their race and cultural background?
  13. How do they feel about their race and cultural background?
  14. What is their religion?
    1. I will avoid talking about religion, to touch as many hearts as possible.
  15. How do they feel about their religion?
  16. What is their education level?
    1. 5th grade
  17. Who takes care of them (if child–parents, grandparents, orphanage; if adult–wife, jail, friends, job, no one)?
    1. on Earth: her parents
    2. on Arcturian dimension: the teachers from school and Zilarion, her guide
  18. Are they in a relationship?
    1. on Earth: no
    2. on Arcturian dimension: only after a while will this be revealed
  19. Are they married?
    1. no
  20. Do they have children?
    1. no
  21. Have they ever been in love?
    1. on Earth: no
    2. on Arcturian dimension: yes, feeling a strong attraction for the one whom she thought she hated
  22. Have they ever had sex?
    1. no
    2. not in this life
  23. Do they have lots of sex, average amounts of sex, little sex or no sex?
  24. Have they ever had a one night stand?
  25. Name one person they look up to?
    1. on Earth: Zilarion, the beggar
    2. on Arcturian dimension: Zilarion, the guide
  26. What qualities do they like about that person?
    1. his wisdom
    2. his concern for her safety
  27. Name one person they despise?
    1. Dabong
  28. What qualities do they detest about that person?
    1. She thinks he hates her and for this reason he is very severe as a school teacher
  29. What qualities do they like about themselves?
    1. she thinks she is special and for this reason she is protecting her childhood friends
    2. as an Arcturian she is still confused due to her lost memories
  30. What qualities do they dislike about themselves?
    1. her weird attraction towards Dabong
  31. What are faults that they know they need to work on?
    1. her stubbornness and her missing submissive part. Finally it will be revealed that before coming to Earth she was a space float commander. She still is.
  32. What are personal faults they have a hard time seeing?
    1. she believes that she is not human, so she tries to find her real family
    2. she is confused because she can’t remember anything, even if all Arcturians seem to know her and to follow her
  33. What is their greatest strength?
    1. good in school; protective of her friends
    2. the best on all actions and lessons in the Arcturian school
  34. If they could be doing anything now, what would it be?
    1. find her real family
    2. regain her memories as an Arcturian
  35. What scares them the most in life?
    1. the attraction for Dabong, whom she hates
  36. Where do they stand in their community?
    1. school girl
    2. commander with lost memory and at the same time a student
  37. Do people know the person that they really are?
    1. she has a feeling that she is not human

she’s trying to remember; finally she will do it.

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