Thursday, August 11, 2022
Artist: Nicoletta Ceccoli

Do We Autosuggest Ourselves?

While planning to work on a new health article, I was all at once confronted with a question that made me think a great...
Do We Have Time To Dream?

Do We Have Time To Dream?

Last night I had a dream. It was the kind of dream full of hidden meanings. It made me really think. It made me...
man and his friend

Heaven and Hell… Again!

A short story, written in my native language, came my way today. I don’t usually translate stories for my website, but this one touched...
Call Your Soul

Call Your Soul!

"Have you ever merged with someone and felt something weird? Weird like you don't want to stop doing it. It was scary for both......
Art by Donald Zolan

The Act of Giving

I was wondering what it means to give. I was wondering what you could give. And most of all I was wondering how can you give. After...
Sacral Chakra by Amber Crystal Elf


All the official definitions found today about "What's a woman?" did not succeed to touch my heart. I am not even sure what kind...
What Road to Take

How Can We Tell What Road To Take? Premise and Theme

Recently, the developer of the Weave my Tale project, Jim Lyons had asked me to begin studding the premise and theme of a book. In...
Child of God


  A huge happiness has embraced my heart today. A happiness which made me feel that suddenly, the Heavens just landed on earth. My whole...
The Power of Thought

The Power of Thought

"Focus on my voice. Do not listen to the others. They don't exist." Someone used this line in a movie I just watched today.     I rushed...
What is an autograph?

What is an Autograph?

The book in my hands gives me shivers. It is a powerful, deep book... a book that changed my life. I found it to...

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