Thursday, August 11, 2022
Do We Have Time To Dream?

Do We Have Time To Dream?

Last night I had a dream. It was the kind of dream full of hidden meanings. It made me really think. It made me...
70 Ways To Say MERRY CHRISTMAS All Over The World

70 Ways To Say MERRY CHRISTMAS All Over The World

December, 25th... finally... you can call all your friends, relatives, known or unknown to wish them... Merry Christmas!!! And... if they are not exactly near you,...
Baby Love

WHY Do We Label People?

A new baby is born on this planet. Each second, four new babies are coming on this planet. New souls are destined each moment...
Sacral Chakra by Amber Crystal Elf


All the official definitions found today about "What's a woman?" did not succeed to touch my heart. I am not even sure what kind...
I am busy doing nothing... Do not disturb.

Mood and Peace

  -Part 1- Today my mood for writing is null. I already stared at my laptop for more than 5 hours; suddenly so many things could...

A New Home – the Freedom to Believe in Yourself

  There are moments in life that leave an imprint on our hearts and minds. You have this kind of moments, for sure. It takes only...
OMG, an Angel!

Happiness and Perception of Reality

We are Souls in Human bodies. On a Universal level, we are called Human Beings. Being in human bodies, we enclosed ourselves in a box delimitated...

3 Things You Should Do Before Using Feng Shui

To use the ancient technique of Feng Shui, we first need to know what it’s about. I will presume that you already know what...
up or down

Up or Down… which one’s deeper?

Without a doubt, many things have taken place throughout your life. And because of them, you’ve become wiser. Being wiser (of course, our ego...
Who Am I

Who Am I?

Several days ago, a Romanian interviewer asked: “Who are you, MC Simon?” Well... this is one of the deepest and hardest questions someone can ask....

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