Thursday, May 26, 2022
Body and Soul

Body and Soul

My friend Lee would say that I just caught the “virus” from him… the “virus” of playing with words. But what can I do?...
Indie Friday: Feng Shui for Writers

Indie Friday: Feng Shui for Writers

Hello, Ioana. Nice meeting you and your readers. Ioana Visan: What is your book about? First, this book is the product of my love for all...
Why Smile This Week?

Why Smile This Week?

Smiling is a great way for us to feel better. It increases the level of our happiness and is positively influencing our health. Our health,...
Who Am I

Who Am I?

Several days ago, a Romanian interviewer asked: “Who are you, MC Simon?” Well... this is one of the deepest and hardest questions someone can ask....
Child of God


  A huge happiness has embraced my heart today. A happiness which made me feel that suddenly, the Heavens just landed on earth. My whole...
70 Ways To Say MERRY CHRISTMAS All Over The World

70 Ways To Say MERRY CHRISTMAS All Over The World

December, 25th... finally... you can call all your friends, relatives, known or unknown to wish them... Merry Christmas!!! And... if they are not exactly near you,...
gratitude journal


Why do I have a Gratitude Journal? One day I read Oprah Winfrey's Gratitude Journal. I was impressed... Oprah has written in her gratitude journal for...
Unclutter Your MIND

Unclutter Your MIND to Reach Your GOAL

In truth no matter what your goal is, the first step that you must take to reach your goal is to unclutter your mind....
Memories of an Arcturian - The Fugitive Galactic Child

Character Questionnaire – The Fugitive Galactic Child-Memories of an Arcturian

These are the answers to the Character Questionnaire. Within each question the first answer (1) is for the main character while in a human body...
Seven words make a story

The Writer in Me

The Writer in me had just ran away. I looked for her everywhere. Surprisingly... she is smarter than I and definitely found a secret...

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