Can You Master Your Desires?

There are many moments in life when you have a desire. Maybe the desire is so strong that you can hardly bear the waiting time between the birth of your desire and the moment of its fulfillment.

When this happens most people start building a plan… as good and detailed as a plan can be, immediately after the end goal is visualized.

But… many times, when the desire becomes real, after the first moments of its fulfillment… we feel that we are still unhappy in fact. We feel that something is missing from the equation. And so on… and so on… desire after desire, wish after wish, and goal after goal… it seems that we cannot find our peace and happiness on this planet.

I am wondering… does happiness belong to this 3D world? Can it be influenced by common material things that we usually desire and make it a life’s goal to acquire?

Maybe… just maybe… reaching happiness depends on something else other than possessing things, beings (can you ever possess a being?), recognition from society, and so on. What if… happiness does not even depend on the great plans that we make on our path to fulfilling our wish.

My mind wonders now…

What IF… it all depends only on the intention behind the action?

What if… we would analyze our intentions… would we finally reach what we have sought from the first moment of our birth in these human bodies?

What IF discovering the WHY behind our desires, we would finally reach the roots of what we lack.


Desire is Molesting You


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