My friend Lee would say that I just caught the “virus” from him… the “virus” of playing with words. But what can I do? I cannot stop myself from looking at this word… Reincarnation.


A “re” and a “re” and another “re”, done for the same purpose of… incarnating.

Incarnation literally means embodied in flesh or taking on flesh. It refers to the conception and birth of a sentient creature who is the material manifestation of an entity, god or force whose original nature is immaterial. In its religious context the word is used to mean the descent from Heaven of a god, or divine being in human/animal form on Earth.” is Wikipedia’s definition.

Whether a God will descend or not, this is not the subject of my thought right now. My mind is drawn to wondering about the interaction between the body and soul.

Body and Soul

My thought says that when a soul receives a human body to experience a human life, this is called incarnation of the soul.

My thought also says that when the same soul receives a body in a life, another body in another life and again a new body in another new life, this is called reincarnation. Up to here, somehow, all is clear in my mind; at least I suppose that it’s clear.


  • What if we don’t perceive the entire soul when we think that we talk about the Soul?

  • What if… what we call a soul, it’s only a part of the unknown?

  • What if what we say incarnates or reincarnates… it’s not exactly the whole Soul?


I wonder if this incarnation takes place through only a part of our Soul?

This will change everything I thought I know about incarnation and reincarnation.

My mind goes even further on… and wonders… if the reason to come into a human body is to experience… whatever we need to experience… what will happen at the moment when the incarnated part of our soul finishes experiencing what had been planned?

According to what I’ve read in some sources, this means that at the end of the planned experience, we are ready to depart from our bodies, meaning to die.

Well… I understand this, but…

What if finishing those experiences, we reach a new level of consciousness, and we suddenly merit further experiences in the same human body?

The part of our Soul that was here, will no longer be able to experience anything further because… because it was already filled with what was initially planned for it.


  • if the initial part of the soul finished its job,

  • if we merit further experiences without leaving our human body…

is it possible for a higher part of our Soul to incarnate into our body while the initial part remains?

I wonder…

  • no matter if the initial part remains or not

  • no matter if it is called incarnation or reincarnation,

do we feel with our five human senses when this process takes place?

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  1. Ok…. I guess I am suppose to take the bait! LOL!!! And I would say what does your friend know anyway, really? 🙂

    Okay, MC at this stage of the game I would say that “yOu/NE are/is” actually becoming well and not contacting a virus as pLAYING on/in/with words/letters is really what life is all about as they are full of light…. when you look at them from the Hebrew perspective and connect with the thought that the Israeli nation has been said by the writers of the Bible, to be the light unto the nations as well as that wise guy who who left us with Proverbs, that the book is riddled with riddles. and we are to work at “standing-under” the place where everything comes from… “above” to gain “IN-sight” to their dark sayings and their obfuscations. LOL!! I see a ‘fuse’ by adding an e in the word obfuscation and well look at ‘ob’ as it means inverse… all of that to say when one feels like the other is being evasive as in the very common claim of politicians obfuscating…. one might well or really a whole nation or even globally the world feels like blowing a fuse.

    Ok I digress… for the English grammar teacher reading this please forgive me for butchering things up a bit but as you might tell and I believe she meaning MC did this on purpose to attempt inspiring me and if she didn’t calculate this it worked any how ahahha…. I wonder if a publisher would publish a book or if a new trend in publishing would take place where if the content were of interest and written well enough that all the grammar rules would be put aside as one does not use punctation or care about proper spelling when speaking….. but i understand the aversion some would have to it…. but it the soul doing the talking and not the body…. I mean a dead body lying in their casket is not talking right?

    Ok… I hope your are still with me after all of those “rabbi-t” trails, or stream of consciousness and how can you take a guy serious if you communicates like this? I mean really? LOL!!!

    Now to the word inCARnate. One can see the word car and a car is a vessel and our bodies and our souls are both said to be vessels as they both carry or are carriers of some physical body parts and well yes a part of the collective soul and one could put forth that each part of the soul has certain properties or “atti-Brutes” or even FUNctions if you will.

    This is a true account what I am about to share…. my friends, son who is 10 shared with me in a very serious manner in a long serious conversation that we had that the world is operated by a soul but people cannot see this and well I felt like I was talking to a soul with incredible insights and it was as they say surreal.

    Ok for the last installment of inCARnate and I used that one rather than incarNATION to show how each of us have 8 or infinity ‘n’ side of us…. you are getting this right buy looking at the word inCARnate….. and now I am playing with the phonetic components of the word and then looking at the word NATION.

    So now you see when you connect these ideas together the many variations and insights that this brings into this physical world or our physical understanding as to what is truth and what is really going on inside of this planet with all of the seemingly craziness that is going on.

    No one does not have to accept my version of crazy but it does make life a whole lot more interesting and I do understand that there are not many in this world who can appreciate this kind of thinking but I would say that the whole world of advertising as well as the entertainment industry and I am speaking of “Hollow-wood”…. ok you knowticed that I used a w instead of a y but you get the point…. they both stand on this play-on-words game.

    So now attempting to speak more directly to some of your thoughts…. I would say we don’t perceive the entire soul and yes to inside of us LIES (meaning the state of occupying as well as tells them) parts of the unknown…. and so if we look at each body as a separate world as well as an air-conditioning unit we can and factor in there are only frequencies then there is only an exchange of air and all of the terminology that applies to the lower sciences that we know and understand to the degree that we do then why not apply them all to the world of souls inside of our physical bodies.

    Again I know this is some really crazy talk but it flowed right out of my hearts mind and tapped these corresponding keys to connect and transfer thoughts and ideas across the world to share with you and your readers. So I think the word is out that consciousness is in and reINcarNATION is well a process as we are all being processed in this big processor or sorts.

    Feel free to examine and preform peer review on idea I have shared as I only see science here and it all seems to make sense. 🙂

    Well I hope all of this makes sense and you enjoyed it


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