Playing with Energies
Playing with Energies

The word energy came into my mind today.

Being the owner of a Master’s Degree in renewable energies, I enjoy this domain a lot. Yet, I will not write about these technologies. Now, my mind is more playful and not at all technical. I almost imagine myself playing with energy.

These times we are living in, there are many people who know how to play with the energy around them or around others.

I tried to find a proper definition for energy, but there are so many different aspects of it that I decided not to start my post from a definition. My supposition is that you already know what energy is.

Even if I don’t intend to talk about wind turbines and solar panels, or other kind of equipment that help us transform any kind of energy, I can’t stop myself to wonder… what if… what if our internal energy can be renewed exactly like the solar, hydro, wind… etc… types of energies?

Can you do the same thing with your energy and the energies of others?
Can you do it using certain tools that teachers are not teaching us about, in regular schools?

I never thought to make this kind of analogy, but now… doing it, I just remembered what I learned many years ago about Chi Balls. Now I am wondering… is it possible that a Chi Ball, can be the tool we need?

Did you ever see those Japanese cartoons called “anime”? In those cartoons, the characters are always forming balls of energy between their palms which are used for different goals.

Well… even if those are cartoons… a Chi Ball looks exactly like this.
Once you have a Chi Ball, you can use it in various ways. My favorite was always the healing capacity of the energy that forms a Chi Ball.

Why am I writing about this? Because you can use it too.

The only condition to doing it, is to believe that you can.

No… don’t think you have to be from another planet to do it, nor do you have to have special capacities for this.

Any human being can do it.

But… our environment is doing whatever is necessary for us to block all that in fact we can do. The society we are living in became so good at manipulating people that ever since we were children we were taught that there are things that we can do… and things that we cannot.

The things that we are told we cannot do are usually called paranormal things. I don’t intend to talk now about the whole industry that was developed based on the blockage implemented in our minds from so long ago. In a nutshell, no one has any interest for us to access our hidden memories. In this case, all the systems will fall down. But it is not our subject of interest talking about any system.

One of the reasons for which I started this website, is to tell to all the people as loud as I can, that there is nothing paranormal in what is very normal, but rather these abilities are only hidden somewhere in our lost memories.

After several years of studies, my personal conclusion is that all the techniques and procedures are only a combination of normal, power of thought and knowledge.

  1. The normal is everywhere around you.

  2. The knowledge can be found nowadays everywhere… you can buy it or you can receive it free. I always prefer the free variant. You already know the old saying that states, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Well… this teacher can take various forms. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to hurry up to pay to receive this kind of information. Each time when you are ready to understand something, the information itself will find you.

  3. The power of thought can be managed if we work hard for it. This in fact is the hardest part of all. To tame your thought is not so easy.

Today I wanted only to mention that you can change your life so much, if you pay attention to simple things that are handy for us. Things that we maybe forgot about, but which are there inside of us.

And… to come back to what I mentioned above… using a Chi Ball is an information that our heart already knows how to handle. We must only tame our brains to not build any more walls against what the heart already knows.

Until next time, I hope you will start to notice and feel the energy. It is there… inside you… outside you… everywhere, and all the time.

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  1. I believe it. I have seen demonstrations of chi force. I also used to astral project regularly, almost every night. Since I’ve gained much responsibility, I seem to have lost the ability.

    • Thank you for your comment, Rick! I think you would like to read my next book. I didn’t decide yet the title (even if it written already 🙂 ) but will be about ‘How to use a Chi ball’.


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