What is an autograph?
[Art by Jean Paul Avisse]

The book in my hands gives me shivers. It is a powerful, deep book… a book that changed my life. I found it to be so empowering that I even went as far as to another country to receive the author’s autograph.

Now… I am wondering what an autograph is in fact. It is said that it is a signature of someone famous that created something; no matter what was created.

I am looking around me now. I see so many created things; beautifully crafted, and perfectly placed in my life. I am trying to connect to their author’s thoughts while they were creating all of these things. I am trying to decipher their autographs, their signatures; those signatures that are usually added in those peaceful relaxing moments after their creation was completed.

A sudden thought embraces my mind: who’s behind all these crafted created things around me? Who’s the famous initiator of ALL that exists?

Is it Him; the One with so many Names but with only One Essence?

Is it Him… God, Allah, YHWH, I Am… Is it Him who I like to call The Creator?

We have a Creator and His creation. Then… where is God’s autograph for all of His creation? Is the creation done; and in which case shouldn’t we see God’s signature? Or… is He still working and the autograph will be provided later? Was it somehow that God’s autograph is given on the 7th Day?

Did anyone see the Creator’s autograph?

~ M.C. Simon

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