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Healthier Thyroid

5 Best Ways to Have a Healthier Thyroid


About 20 million Americans have thyroid problems at the time of writing and more than half of them don’t know they have it! I don’t blame them – the thyroid gland’s condition is sometimes neglected.

Despite its size, the thyroid gland is responsible for major bodily functions such as maintaining healthy body weight, aiding in digestion, keeping the right heart rate levels, and is indirectly intertwined with how the body copes up with stress. I bet you’re all ears (and eyes) now, aren’t you?

Don’t worry, we care for your thyroid just as much as you! And we’ve summed up the 5 best ways and tips to have a healthier thyroid.

1. Eat More Lean Protein

People with a BMI under 40 mostly have an underperforming thyroid. And thyroid function has been linked to body weight fluctuations and obesity, in turn, this may possibly lead to thyroid cancer. The best tip on how to keep your thyroid healthy is to eat lean protein and healthy fats. You’re not only taking care of your thyroid but you’re contributing to your body’s overall health – that includes your other vital organs!

2. Exercise Regularly

Eating clean should always go hand in hand with exercise especially if you’re living a sedentary lifestyle. One of the thyroid gland’s important functions is to keep your digestive system in full swing. If your metabolism is slow, this can have a huge impact on your thyroid as well. One way to bolster your metabolism is through exercise. As you age, your metabolism slows down as well. Keep it in tiptop condition by working out daily – a rigorous circuit training, yoga sessions or a 30-minute walk every day will go a long way.

3. Eliminate Stress

The adrenal gland is responsible for releasing cortisol, the hormone which improves the bodily functions in the midst of stress. Unfortunately, the adrenal gland can only handle minimal stress. When the body is too stressed out, autoimmune attacks occur. This is when the immune system attacks its own tissues – including the thyroid gland. So don’t sweat the small stuff and if you can’t help but feel stressed out about something, try to manage it by doing stress-relief activities like yoga, stretching, Pilates, massages or a simple shuteye will mostly do the trick!

4. Avoid Iodine, Iron, and Zinc Deficiencies

The body needs iodine to help produce those thyroid hormones. And the body can’t produce iodine naturally, so try to get this element elsewhere like cod, dairy, eggs, seaweed, shrimp or lima beans! On the other hand, zinc and iron also convert T4 to T3 which is needed in the digestive system. Get your daily dose of zinc and iron from shellfish, legumes, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and more.

5. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are not only used in relieving stress but they also contain a lot of components that has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the best oils to keep the thyroid healthy are Frankincense, Ledum, Clove, and Lemongrass!

Pro Tip:

Squeezing these in your daily routine means you’re on your way to a healthier thyroid. According to statistics, women are five times more likely to experience thyroid problems in their lifetime. So if you’re a woman, don’t panic! Make sure you balance the female hormones like estrogen to avoid disrupting the thyroid’s significant functions and you’re good to go.


About the author:

Annah Brooks is an ardent blogger who loves to write about health, beauty, fashion, food, travel and more. She loves to spend her time traveling. She also blogs at KemperMedical, one of the leading national and global distributor of premium medical products including radiation protection products and radiology/ medical imaging supplies.

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