Art by Violscraper
Art by Violscraper

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”


Yes, true… but the real problem is what exactly do you want to win over, what do you think is your full potential and what in fact do you want to succeed in…

I am wondering now… all the quotes that are exposed… are they really attributed to the right person? I had the chance to read a very good translation of a part of Confucius’ Analects. I don’t recall him using the language above. I also remember the wonderful feeling his words always gave me, because he was never direct and most of the time, in order to understand what he says, you have to reflect a lot on what you’ve read.

The quote above, I really enjoyed. Therefore, I am wondering why the author did not add his own signature. Using Confucius’ name, does it make it more valuable?

Than I am wondering… what exactly is valuable?

Is the chest that holds the treasure more valuable or is it the treasure itself?

~ M.C. Simon

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  1. This desire to dig deeper resides inside….. “humaNIty.” So I perceive in my transceiver, this hidden desire to win over mysELF as I continue to peep deeper, repelling (ReseARCh) to fINd “patTURNS” that help make sense of life hEAR on EARth while learning to live from my hEARt.

    When I was 6 or 7 I took apart our 26″ Zenith tell-a-vision, removing all of the vacuum tubes. Our dad said “no more tv for the rest of our life!” That was 1969 and when I left home in 1981, there had never been a tv in our house. At grandma’s and friends we watched, but not at our house!

    This probably saved my brain from atrophy.

    I didn’t realize it in 1969 but I now feel that I was looking for the people that I saw on the tv screen…… inside of the machine itself. I grew up with an excessive desire to disassemble things growing up but always had trouble putting them back together.

    My full potential I have come to realize cannot be fully realized unless collaborating with others. Just as a root system cannot realize its full potential with out the earth the rain, sun, time and so on.

    In fact my research is showing that creativity and collaboration along with trust is the currency of the 21 century. I’m betting on some type of medium of exchange will still be in operation but mainly we humans will learn to work as nature does…… much more closely with less excess and greater efficiency.

    Now to the question what do I want to succeed in? I think that I can best answer this question by first saying that I desire to assemble models that postulates the oneness of humanity that harmonize with “the science of out” and the systems it has created, without the interjection of philosophy or religion for the purpose of assisting humanity to redirect their preceptive energies to building better systems and reconfiguring current infrastructure to create greater harmony within humanity.

    We could better call this “science of out” the “science of earth” and contrast it with the “science of heart” or even call it the “science of in” ……. this playing with words and ideas abstractly rather than applying to physically matter can lead us to make the connections of heat and art (heart/earth) and that of thermodynamics….. why? Again, to better assist humanity at all levels to see the need for looking inside of themselves is needed if we want to change the world in which we live. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, Lee. You made me smile writing about saving your brain from atrophy. Your father was wise to make that decision. I think I also saved my brain from atrophy when seven years ago I decided to get rid of the tv from my home.
      Wishing you all the best in achieving your wish!


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