Art by Jean Paul Avisse
[Art by Jean Paul Avisse]

You have a hidden desire.

It is such a deep desire that you don’t even feel the need to share it with others.

It is yours, it fulfills your soul and you hope that someday your wish will become reality.

You secretly hope that your desire will make a difference in this world.

You secretly hope that someday you will become Yourself at your highest potential.

Someday… I am wondering what Someday is… It is said that “someday” means “at a future time”.

Do you really hope to become Who you Are someday? This happens only once in a lifetime.

Someday… you hope…

But someday may not come.

Do you somehow want to kill your passionate desire before you can pursue it using the Power of Words, the Power of Thought?

Aspire, wannabe, wish, Someday…

Do it now. Transform your secret hidden desire into reality… NOW.

~ M.C. Simon

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