Happiness for Busy People
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You should never be too busy to be happy. Finally… why are you working so hard for, if not for finding happiness? But… until you find the greatest happiness, why not try to have some intermediary moments of happiness in your agitated life?

10 Tips to Attract Happiness

  1. Smile often

    Yes, just this… smile. Smile daily to yourself, smile to others not expecting them to smile first. You’ll soon notice that as often as you smile to others, they will return your smile. And let’s admit it… life is so beautiful when we have smiles all around us!

  2. Watch your positive attitude. Repeat to yourself as often as you can… “Today is such a beautiful day”.

    This way you will influence your subconscious mind which will soon attract events that indeed will transform your day into a beautiful one.

  3. Be grateful

    Appreciate all the good things and events from your life. It doesn’t matter that they seem to be small… the best thing you should do is to be grateful. Doing this, you will soon start noticing many other great things that have already happened to you, but you were always so busy to witness them.

  4. Use your imagination to discover happiness

    Let’s admit it… children are the happiest human beings. How is it that while growing up you lose this happiness? How can you regain the power of being happy? It is so simple… imagine and think about things that bring a smile to your face. Do it and on a long term basis your imagination will start to attract events into your life that will make you happy.

  5. Create something… anything you like

    The creative process brings you happy moments; happiness received from the success of your creative act. Dig inside your hidden desires and see what you really like. Start materializing its creation.

  6. Help other people

    Maybe you think that this is time-consuming. In fact, the happiness received by making other happy is tremendous. It is said that what you give in life, you will receive back tenfold. Therefore, give and let time show you how much you will receive. Love and kindness always generate more love and kindness.

  7. Give one thing away

    Even if you’re busy… take some moments and think of what object from your home you never use, or you haven’t used in a long time. Don’t be sorry to give it away. Be sure, there are many people who greatly wish to have a similar object. You will feel easier and at the same time you will bring the sunshine into other people’s lives. Do this as often as possible.

  8. Meditate

    Practice meditation daily. Doing this for at least ten minutes will give you a wellbeing state while your patience and concentration levels will naturally increase. Soon you will notice the positive effects that daily meditation provides.

  9. Avoid negative people

    There are many people who focus only on the negative aspects of their lives. Also, they love to complain, adding to other people’s shoulders, problems that are not theirs. Stay away from these people. You don’t need them in your life.

  10. Live for the Moment

    Don’t think about a possible future problem. Live in the present and enjoy what happens. Appreciate small things such as reading, a friendly environment, walking, meals and the examples can go on. Enjoy the present! Happiness is not about doing what you like, but about liking what you are doing.

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