My Bio

MC Simon

If you insist to believe that only swimming is possible, you will never learn to fly” says one of my two favorite rules of life.

Yes, that’s me. I believe in the boundless possibilities, which are our birth gifts that we forgot about; and I believe that we are the only ones who are blocking these gifts; blocking them due to our induced beliefs.

We can do anything, absolutely anything; with the only condition that We really desire it.

I noticed during my lifetime that no matter how hard a situation looks like, it would always change into a softer one; no matter how complicated it seems to be, the solution appears instantly; in the moment when I really want something, even miracles can happen.

In case that… just in case that you did not notice yet… I am pleading here for the feeling that YOU, as a human, are able to do anything; exactly that feeling which we had a long time ago, until the environment taught us the “secret” of our life… “We can’t, we are not able and we are not allowed to do anything else except what others are telling us we can do”.

Therefore, from my point of view, any Bio in which I am the main character must include this statement:

I was, I am and I will always strongly affirm that if anyone can do any action on this planet, I can also do it; the only condition is to want this with all my heart.

Now… trying to come back to an average bio…

I have breathed on this planet since January 29, 1967, being born in a country that I always liked, in a city crossed by the Danube river, where my mother was on a short holiday before she was to deliver her first child. Having a written genealogy since 1600, at that moment our family was about to “die” because no new male descendant has yet been born. Therefore, my future parents had many plans regarding my coming in this world.

However, being a naturally stubborn person, of course I was stubborn enough to not come here as a boy. Of course, my parents loved me and of course, my Dad deified me being his girl. They both chose my name right after I was born but when Dad went to officially declare it, he came back home with a birth certificate on which it appeared to be written a very different name. Moreover, laughing seeing my mom’s stupefaction, Dad said to her: “My darling wife, you delivered to our family a daughter; I took revenge on you changing her chosen name. But don’t worry; I gave her a musical name, so she will become a singer.”

Therefore, my life was planned out since the first days of my existence here. I have to admit that trying to please my parents I finally succeeded to sing my name. My shower heard for so many years… Mi-Re-La 🙂

One thing my parents did not know about; my stubbornness. Instead of using my voice to build my life on, I chose to use my technical abilities and became an engineer; a good one in my field of interest. I am still an engineer as a main activity and for sure love my job.

I am also a writer. Moreover, let me write for you my second favorite rule which is stating…

“Everything is based on contrasts. You can read these lines only because it is enough contrast between the letters and the background”.

Yes, that’s me also; fire and ice, sweet and bitter, warm and cold… I will not continue anymore; I am sure you caught the main idea.

I am wondering now… can the letters which I will choose here, bring out enough contrast to keep your attention awakened?

Who is Amy McKay?