M.C. Simon: My Twin Flame
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The Secrets Behind the Hidden Gates



After a life in which so many lies surrounded her, lies which followed Macy Mckeena through several reincarnations due to the Circle of Fire curse, she decided that the time to live again just came. While leaving everything behind she starts her new life traveling. But the boat in which she is enjoying her new freedom suddenly sank and she finds herself alone swimming in the deep ocean. Succeeding to survive, Macy’s wrecked into a strange place where she meets an enigmatic multidimensional old man who opens for her the Five Hidden Gates. Behind them, Macy finds the secrets of her existence and finally understands what she is longing for. Will she ever fulfill her longing?

Author’s intention:

The book is a combination of Fiction, Romance and Spiritual. It has roots in old manuscripts written by humans who have reached high spiritual levels and though the author clothes the information into a romantic adventurous garment, the intention is to awaken the incarnated souls who are now on this planet to seek the hidden meaning of all that is said.




M.C. Simon: Engineering-the-Writing
M.C. Simon: Engineering-the-Writing



Being an engineer, a researcher and a project manager in the daily life, what can be more appropriate than designing a book with this title?
With hard researching work, the book intends to transform its pages into a tool for the writers, so anyone will be able to write without needing any other information. In other words an All-inclusive key for any locked gate which hides behind its door, the desire to become a writer.
Will the engineer tame the writer in order to build it all from the basement up to the roof in such a way that it will give birth to a solid, powerful, omniscient writer, or will the writer succeed to convince the engineer that he can fly free even if the physical mechanical laws will be ignored?
Or maybe Only Together will they handle any physical and metaphysical theme?